Natasha Godetz

Natasha Godetz, May 1 2020

My Journey to Yoga

When I was a child mum would take me to the beach and I would spend hours singing to the sea. Independent right from the start I was a quiet kid who was happy to be alone, and would take myself to bed every night at 6pm. Being extremely sensitive, intuitive and creative I didn't fit in with what was considered "normal", which began to leave me with this feeling that I didn't belong here in this world.

As I grew up I became desperate to "fit in" to society getting swept up with expectations morphing into someone who could be labelled "normal". Through my childhood and teens I went through various traumas and illnesses and slowly I began to lose all connection to myself, others and my inner guru. As pressures mounted up I became an over achiever, covering up pain and true feelings by keeping busy, always taking on too much. I reached 18 more illness began to sink into my body begging me to stop. I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis, Fibromyalgia and IBS. With constant pain in my joints and tummy I started pumping my body with medication and living an even busier life to make up for not feeling "adequate". 

After studying Graphic Design at uni I began climbing the corporate ladder. I was running on adrenaline to reach the top numbing my health problems with medication, alcohol & recreational drugs. I was freelancing for well known corporations around the world moving from New Zealand to London to Melbourne. Travel, money and fine dining were free flowing. The days were jam packed and more boxes ticked off but by night, I would turn off the lights, crawl into bed and be greeted with an overwhelming feeling of anxiety; this was not where I was meant to be and that I wasn't on the right path. I should have been feeling elated with my achievements but in reality I was barely walking, suffering from depression, anxiety and traumas buried in the body. Long hours, late nights and high demands eventually took their toll. Burn out sunk in and knocked me flat on my ass. Some hard months followed and doctors diagnosed several more conditions including Osteoporosis, Anemia, and severe hormone imbalances. I hadn't had my period for 3 years and I had been too busy to even stop and realise this. Things got worse as they ran more tests and found pre cancerous cells on my cervix and I underwent 2 surgeries to remove these. I lost my appetite for living and fell extremely underweight, my liver and kidneys taking the strain. My joints got so bad I couldn't walk for more than 2 minutes without crying with pain. Specialists then scheduled me in for a total hip replacement at just 27 years old. This was the final wake up call.

Once I took responsibility for my own health I made a conscious decision to let go of all doctors, medical care systems, medications and previous belief systems and put in the work to heal my body naturally. I began building the trust within myself again and with the intention set to change my path the universe opened up and I started to meet the right mentors and teachers who would influence the change of direction needed in my life. To take my healing deeper I decided to sell all material possessions, pack my entire life into one backpack and immerse myself in nature on a tiny island in Thailand.

Two years of dedication followed; using movement, diet, breath work, meditation and plants to bring my body back to full health, successfully managing to bypass surgery, harsh medication and a long life of pain. I had finally come back home to my body and it felt better than ever. This is what inspired me to become a yoga teacher and mindset coach, dedicating my life to studying natural therapies so I can share this medicine with the world. Our bodies can heal from anything if given the space and right tools to do so. By sharing my story I truly hope to inspire others suffering from pain. Having gone through years of struggle myself I now feel my path is to share this wisdom by working with people and empowering them to heal.

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Natasha Godetz