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Simple holistic tools to help you heal and thrive 

We have been inundated with so much conflicting information on what is healthy and good for us that we're overwhelmed with where to start when it comes to healing. We're sick, stressed and stuck with what to do, endlessly searching for answers outside of ourselves. 
My mission is to empower people to listen to their body and symptoms, uncover the root causes and heal holistically. 
Individual Support

1:1 guidance to support those struggling with health issues. I work holistically looking at all aspects of your life and design a custom protocol tailored to your needs. 

Breathwork & Trauma Release

I hold regular workshops in person and online centered around how breathwork and trauma release can be used in healing. These powerful modalities help to release stuck emotions and energy in the body and can greatly enhance your health. 

Autoimune & Holistic Health

These workshops are held online and in person and deliver education and resources around creating a holistic lifestyle when living with health conditions.


About Me

Hi I’m Natasha, a Holistic Health Coach who supports people with health conditions to live a holistic lifestyle so they can heal & thrive. 


For the last 23 years I’ve navigated chronic autoimmune disease, joint replacements and many debilitating health conditions which fuelled my passion for wellness. My mission now is to empower people to uncover what’s behind their symptoms, become their own healer and live a life beyond what they could have imagined. 


My holistic approach incorporates the transformational tools of breathwork, emotional processing, mindset work, nutrition, trauma release exercises & nervous system regulation.

We need to start with the basics and stop making healing so damn complicated. Most protocols out there require such a lot of work that it pushes already delicate nervous systems into overdrive. I start with the basics, helping clients build a solid foundation and regulated nervous system which then allows deeper healing to take place. 
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