Natasha Godetz

After spending years battling pain and healing my body naturally from various autoimmune conditions I now guide others to reach better health. With the right conditions and tools our bodies are intelligently designed to heal naturally.





An old sensitive soul, empath & nature lover

Growing up I wasn't your average kid. I was a quiet, reflective old soul who would happily stand on the beach singing to the sea for hours on end. Being extremely sensitive and intuitive I was happy to be alone for long periods of time but slowly began feeling that I didn't fit in to what society had boxed as "normal" which left me with the a deep rooted feeling of not belonging here in this world. My first health issues started in my gut as a child, which began my frequent hospital trips and disconnection to my body.

As I got into my teenage years I became desperate to "fit in" to society, allowing myself to be swept up with expectations morphing into someone who could be labelled "normal". During these years I went through various traumas and illnesses and slowly I lost all connection to myself, others and my inner voice. As pressures mounted up I became an over achiever, covering up pain and emotion by keeping busy. As I reached 18 more serious illness began to sink into my body begging me to stop. I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis, Fibromyalgia and IBS. With constant pain in my joints and tummy I started living an even busier career life to make up for not feeling "adequate". Climbing up corporate ladders silencing my problems with medication, alcohol and recreational drugs while running on adrenaline in order to reach "the top".

I was freelancing for well known corporations around the world as a Graphic Designer. Travel, money and fine dining were free flowing. The days were packed with people and meetings but by evening, I would turn off the lights, crawl into bed and be greeted with an overwhelming feeling of anxiety and depression. My body was sending me messages to slow down and change course but my monkey mind didn't want to stop and deal with all the emotions and trauma I had suppressed over the years. Instead of feeling elated with my life and achievements I was barely eating or walking, suffering in silence with no sign of the end.

Burn out eventually sunk in and knocked me flat on my ass. Some hard months followed and doctors diagnosed several more conditions including Osteoporosis, Anemia, and severe hormone imbalances. I hadn't had my period for 3 years and I had been too busy to even stop and realise this. My liver started going into failure and my hip joints got so bad I could barely make it out of bed. Specialists then scheduled me in for a total hip replacement at just 27 years old. This was the final wake up call.


Change is hard, but nothing is harder than staying in a same repetitive loop of pain. Once I took responsibility for my own health I let go of all doctors, medical care systems, medications and previous belief systems and put in the work to heal my body naturally. I let go of relationships, food and lifestyle choices that no longer served me. With the intention set to change my path the universe opened up and I started to meet the right mentors and teachers who would influence the change of direction needed in my life. I began working with diet, herbs, yoga and the mind to bring harmony back to my body. On this new path I started feeling alive and radiant so made the decision to sell all material possessions, pack my entire life into one backpack and head to Thailand to dive deeper into healing and  studying holistic therapies.

Two years of dedication followed; using movement, diet, breath work, meditation and plants to bring my body back to full health, successfully managing to bypass surgery, harsh medication and a long life of pain. I had finally come back home to my body and it felt better than ever. I used the time away to attend various teacher trainings and workshops and worked along side beautiful teachers who have guided my healing journey, teaching me so many valuable insights.

Walking proof that the body can heal itself from anything when given the right environment I am now assisting others to do the same.

As a qualified yoga teacher with over 1000 RYT hours of study in Hatha Yoga, Chakra Yoga and Yoga therapy I now work with people either in person or online who are ready to take the steps to heal and become their authentic selves. For those wanting to dive deeper you can also find me giving various workshops or hosting longer retreats designed to give you a safe space to really dive deep, work through blockages and heal.


It was time to take responsibility and become the creator of my life

Practice what you teach

Being authentic and living the lifestyle that I share with others is of upmost importance to me. Living proof that healing naturally from disease is possible, I honour what I teach with daily practice and by continually doing the inner work.

Continual Growth & Evolution

Dedicated to always continuing my learning by attending various trainings each year to deepen my knowledge.


I am committed to serving others and being a guide through their healing journey.



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